Master Programme Enrolment

Online enrolment and fee payment is now completed online, which allows for rapid delivery of your enrolment certificates.

Online enrolment commences: mid-August, you will receive an email from the Student Affairs office.
Supporting Documents
The following documents must be uploaded during your online enrolment:
  • ID: photocopy of passport, ID card or driving licence
  • proof of CVEC payment
  • Photocopy of educational qualifications (high school diploma etc...)
  • Photocopy of grades awarded - Baccalauréat holders only
  • Conditional or final notification of a scholarship award - for scholarship students
  • Signed Masters' financial agreement (if not aleady provided)

International students must also upload:
  • a complete copy or an extract of your birth certificate (with filiation) translated into French or English, or an equivalent document issued by a consulate (this document must be authenticated, with a legible stamp). This document will also be required by the Social Security offices.
  • Photocopy of valid visa or residence permit - for international students outside the EEA  
Health Insurance
Follow this link for all you need to know about health insurance for students (in English):


In order to enrol in higher education you must produce proof of CVEC payment. CVEC is your annual contribution, fixed at €90, to student and campus life. The CVEC contribution does not apply to executive education students or students on a semester or year exchange programme.
  • Login to / create an account on
  • Indicate 'NANTES' as your city of study
  • Pay your CVEC contribution
  • Receive proof of payment

Learn more: or CVEC FAQ
Contact the ACCENTS ( association if you require assistance.

  • Your enrolment cannot be finalized without payment of tuition fees.
  • The terms and conditions of tuition fees and payment are clearly mentioned in your financial agreement that you must sign and return before you can be definitively accepted at Centrale Nantes.

Published on April 13, 2018 Updated on February 15, 2021