Computer Science for Information Systems


From banking and insurance to transport, telecommunications and aeronautics, companies make direct and indirect use of IT services. The computerization of data has generated the need to model, manage, maintain, develop and archive it. Such tasks fall in the most part to IT specialists. Whilst computer science today still implies the automated processing of data, this function has become increasingly complex and processing applications are more and more varied.

The objective of this specialisation is to provide future engineers with the knowledge required to manage IT projects across all sectors of application. The course deals with the major concepts required for the majority of projects, from the different perspectives of customer, contractor and project manager.

A wide scope of computer science courses is proposed in this specialisation with students following the core courses and additional courses according to their choice of option: Computer Engineering or Information Systems.

Contribution to sustainable development goals

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International students can follow this specialisation, taught in French, via:

  • A double degree programme - Open to international students selected by our partner institutions. Selected students spend two years studying courses from the engineering programme at Centrale Nantes. This usually includes one year of the common-core engineering curriculum followed by one year of specialisation. Double degree students are typically accepted after successfully completing two or three years of higher education in their home institution.
  • The fast-track engineering programme: Open to students with a Bachelor's or equivalent degree in science. Our fast-track programme gives international students who are qualified to bachelor level the opportunity to gain the 'diplôme d'ingénieur' in just two years.
Course Content

2023/24 Academic Year

Autumn Semester (S7 or S9) Spring Semester (S8 or S10)
Databases Language theory
Software engineering Group project
Discrete mathematics UI-UX design and mobile dev
Object oriented programming Web programming
Industrial software development Information systems
Systems and data security Internship
Systems and networks
Data analysis
Software development project

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Examples of projects and internships

Examples of past projects

  • Simulation of interaction between DNA strands
  • Management software tool for an entomology association
  • Roll-out of an automatic generator/corrector of multiple choice tests
  • Construction of collaborative abstracts on Android
  • Implementation of an API demonstrator for form recognition (MyScript)
  • Android application for a healthcare protocol (Nantes University Hospital)
  • Implementation of computerized discharge prescriptions at Nantes University Hospital

Examples of past internships

  • Web API for cloud-based energy management and forecast (Wattics Ltd)
  • Big data and unstructured data (Solucom)
  • development of a customer management software tool (IOS, Android and Web) for flight cancellations  (AMADEUS)
  • Security in IT companies (NATIXIS)
  • Paperless social security returns (Sopra)
  • Cyber Defence consulting (Sopra)
  • Natural User Interface (University of Dublin, Microsoft, Skype)
  • Project portfolio management support (Total)
  • Automated reporting (Crédit Agricole CIB)
  • Data acquisition software (DCNS)
After the Specialisation

Industry Sectors

  • IT services
  • IT Consultancy
  • large industrial groups
  • SMEs
  • Banking and insurance

Career Prospects

  • Software Analyst, Designer, Systems Integration
  • Web and IT developer
  • Information Systems Architect
  • IT Support
  • IT Project manager
  • Systems and data security

Published on November 2, 2015 Updated on January 31, 2024