Head: Jean-Yves Hascoët

Specialisation open to final year students only.


This specialisation offers a research programme to final year students who intend to pursue their studies with a PhD. Thus the students devote most of their final year of study to commencing research work which they will then pursue with a PhD at Centrale Nantes. The student and supervisor have a mutual moral commitment - the student commits to pursuing onto PhD, the supervisor endeavours to propose a source of funding for the PhD at the conclusion of the student's engineering programme.

Course Content

From September to the end of March:
- Research work (464hrs).
- Professional Option (one day per week)
- Modern language classes and Sport (average of 3 hours per week)
- Possibility to attend some classes from the engineering programme

From April until the end of September:
- 6-month full-time paid internship on the thesis subject. The internship can be undertaken in a laboratory outside Centrale Nantes (including abroad), or in a company.
Published on March 4, 2016 Updated on May 26, 2020