Specialisation open to final year engineering programme students only.


This specialisation offers a research programme to final year students who intend to pursue their studies with a PhD. Thus the students devote most of their final year of study to commencing research work which they will then pursue with a PhD at Centrale Nantes. The student and supervisor have a mutual moral commitment - the student commits to pursuing onto PhD, the supervisor endeavours to propose a source of funding for the PhD at the conclusion of the student's engineering programme.

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Course Content

From September to the end of March:

  • Research work (464hrs)
  • Professional Option (one day per week)
  • Modern language classes and Sport (average of 3 hours per week)
  • Possibility to attend some classes from the engineering programme

From April until the end of September:

  • 6-month full-time paid internship on the thesis subject. The internship can be undertaken in a laboratory outside Centrale Nantes (including abroad), or in a company.

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Examples of PhD theses
  • Ontological engineering for the creation and management of adaptive teaching resources.
  • Behaviour of recycled concrete at earlier and later ages: influence of initial water saturation and substitution rate.
  • Contribution to understanding the mechanisms of passivation in concrete reinforcements exposed to sea water: theory and thermochemical modelling.
  • Virtual reality tools for universal design
  • Advanced methods and multi-scale analysis for the study of the self-healing of cracks in cementitious materials.
  • Ego-centred representations for the autonomous navigation of a humanoid robot.
  • Influence of image features on face portraits - social context interpretation: experimental methods, crowdsourcing based studies and models.
  • Deterministic modelling of large-scale sea states at variable depths.
  • Predictive control and estimation of uncertain systems with delayed input.
  • Model reduction method for parametric equations - application to the quantification of uncertainty.
  • Input-state linearization and decoupling of nonlinear systems with delays
After the specialisation
  • Academia
  • Industrial Research and development

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Published on March 4, 2016 Updated on January 2, 2024