International Business Development

Head: Julien Beck


An international business development manager provides the key link between the company and its customers all around the world. The role includes business prospecting, elaboration of technical and business proposals, contract negotiation, analysis of the financial and legal risks, project management as well as customer account management. This option aims to introduce the students to each of these different aspects of the role of a business development engineer.


This option is bilingual with some courses taught in English and others in French. Through the course students will:

  • be able to understand and elaborate marketing strategies related to international business ventures.
  • be able to analyse and understand the financial issues related to international business projects
  • become familiar with the basic legal concepts related to sales in an international context and will gain insight into contractual compliance and resolution of disputes.
  • become familiar with the main concepts involved in selling technological projects - especially prospection and customer relationships - and improve their negotiation skills in English
  • apply their knowledge through a project in partnership with an industrial firm. 

Course list

  1. Finance (21H)
  2. International markets (24H)
  3. Negotiation (15H)
  4. Sales, prospection and customer relationships (17H)
  5. Company law (18H)
  6. Business Development Project (41H)

Finance and Negotiation are taught in English by native speakers. The other courses are taught in French. Both languages will be used in the project.

Sectors of activity and employment prospects

International business development engineer, technical sales engineer, key account manager, export manager, business development manager. Building sector, telecoms, energy, IT and engineering consultancy.
Published on November 5, 2015 Updated on October 3, 2019