Teaching Department

Product Design and Industrial Systems Department


The Product Design and Industrial Systems Department is responsible for the following courses:

First year engineering programme courses:
Engineering programme specialisations:
Professional options:
Master's programmes:
Foundation Master's:
  • Mechanics & Environment

Degree apprenticeships: Industrial engineering courses.

The department also manages the workshops in buildings I and P and the virtual reality platform in building B.


Affiliated institution(s)
Academic Affairs
The department has 15 faculty members and 5 technicians, providing teaching support and workshop maintenance.

Course / Programme supervisors
  • Raphael Chenouard: Head of Industrial Engineering specialisation
  • Matthieu Rauch: Head of Product Engineering specialisation
  • Florent Laroche: (Florent.Larocheb815c327-0b87-406d-a7fd-005ea49484f8@ec-nantes.fr)Head of Engineering and digital sciences for art, culture and heritage
  • Jean-Marc Benguigui: (Jean-Marc.Benguigui04a940b4-e3c0-4350-bbfe-e740fc6c1b94@ec-nantes.fr)Head of Engineering for Ecological Transition
  • Jean-François Petiot: Head of Science and Music
  • Catherine Michel: Head of Management, Leadership, Communication and Student Business projects (P2E)
  • Thomas Lechevallier (Thomas.Lechevallier813bcc38-a3bf-458a-8214-696d65dd664a@ec-nantes.fr): Head of Environment Mobility Heath and of Healthcare Engineering
Teaching staff
  • Farouk BELKADI (Farouk.Belkadi2f27e1a5-7717-4c50-9ebb-9195d1b3c069@ec-nantes.fr) – Enseignant-Chercheur Contractuel – Farouk.Belkadi@ec-nantes.fr
  • Jean-Marc BENGUIGUI - Jean-Marc.Benguigui@ec-nantes.fr
  • Fouad BENNIS Professeur d'Université - Fouad.Bennis@ec-nantes.fr
  • Alain BERNARD Professeur d'Université - Alain.Bernard@ec-nantes.fr
  • Gilles CARABIN Ingénieur d’Etudes - Gilles.Carabin@ec-nantes.fr
  • Raphael CHENOUARD Maître de Conférences - Raphael.Chenouard@ec-nantes.fr
  • Catherine DA CUNHA Maître de conférences - Catherine.Da-Cunha@ec-nantes.fr
  • Jérôme FRIANT Professeur agrégé - Jerome.Friant@ec-nantes.fr
  • Jean-Yves HASCOET Professeur d'Université - Jean-Yves.Hascoet@ec-nantes.fr
  • Maître de Conférences - Florent.Laroche@ec-nantes.fr
  • Thomas LECHEVALLIER (Thomas.Lechevallierb1734334-2ea4-4feb-9f9d-8e4eb66e0ed0@ec-nantes.fr) – Enseignant Contractuel – Thomas.Lechevallier@ec-nantes.fr
  • Tugdual LE NEEL Doctorant - Tugdual.Le-Neel@ec-nantes.fr
  • Olivier LEGOFF Maître de conférences - Olivier.Legoff@ec-nantes.fr
  • Catherine MICHEL - Catherine.Michel@ec-nantes.fr
  • Jean-François PETIOT Professeur d'Université - Jean-Francois.Petiot@ec-nantes.fr
  • Emilie POIRSON Professeur d'Université - Emilie.Poirson@ec-nantes.fr
  • Matthieu RAUCH Maître de Conférences - Matthieu.Rauch@ec-nantes.fr
  • Clément ROUSSEAU (Clement.Rousseau8c1f7897-b024-4ced-8dc8-e42e96d0f75e@ec-nantes.fr) – Doctorant - Clement.Rousseau@ec-nantes.fr
  • Puviyarasu SUBRAMANIAM-ANBUCHEZHIAN (Puviyarasu.Subramaniam-Anbuchezhiand7333314-83e5-408a-bdc5-005108325955@eleves.ec-nantes.fr) – Doctorant - Puviyarasu.Subramaniam-Anbuchezhian@eleves.ec-nantes.fr
  • Hervé THOMAS Professeur agrégé - Herve.Thomas@ec-nantes.fr
Technical Team

Additional information

Information relating to the use of the workshop during Thursday's 'Free Session'
Located in I building, the workshop opens its doors every Thursday afternoon (with exceptions) to accommodate those wishing to work on extra-curricular projects.

In order to welcome you in the best working conditions, we ask that you kindly get in touch with technicians of the workshop to register for the planning of "Free Sessions" (see Contacts).

This technical appointment will be an opportunity to discuss your project (materials, tools and time needed to carry out, safety rules of the workshop, etc ...) and thus prepare the best course of actions for your Thursday afternoon.

Thank you for your understanding and see you at the workshop.

Published on June 23, 2003 Updated on January 13, 2023