Control and Robotics - Master of Science (MSc)

Our Master's Programmes are taught in English, fully accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and give full access to PhD studies in France or abroad.

Choose from the following specialisms in Control and Robotics:

MSc Signal and Image Processing - CORO SIP

This specialism provides the necessary skills in signal modelling, image processing and machine learning, relevant to the theory and the practice of data analysis and information retrieval, for the development of modern numerical methods.

All about CORO SIP and how to apply

MSc Advanced Robotics - CORO IMARO

The main objective of this specialism is to master the modelling and control of complex robots evolving in dynamic environments by using proprioceptive and exteroceptive perception. The focus is on advanced robotics, but more generally the specialism deals with modern techniques in systems engineering for the modelling, simulation, optimisation, analysis, and control of a variety of robotics systems. It also takes into account the modelling and perception of the environment.

All about CORO IMARO and how to apply

The following specialism is only on offer in the M2 year in from September 2024:

MSc Control Systems - CORO CSYS

The objective of this specialism is to provide theoretical and methodological tools in order to analyse the structure and properties of dynamic systems, and to design control and observation solutions.

All about CORO CSYS and how to apply (M2 only)

The following specialism is not available from September 2023:

MSc Embedded Real-time Systems - CORO ERTS

All about CORO ERTS

More programmes in Control and Robotics

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

Centrale Nantes currently offers three Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters (EMJMs) in Control and Robotics.  EMJMs are prestigious international study programmes, jointly delivered by an international consortium of higher education institutions. EU-funded scholarships are awarded to the best student candidates applying under annual selection rounds. Centrale Nantes is the co-ordinating institution for all three programmes:

Integrated Master-PhD Track | Control and Robotics

Centrale Nantes offers high-potential students the opportunity to join our five-year Integrated Master-PhD track. This programme draws on the areas of excellence of our research institutes and our existing MSc programmes to bring together two years of Master studies and three years at PhD level.

Students applying for the Control and Robotics programmes in Signal and Image Processing and Advanced Robotics are eligible for the Integrated Master-PhD Track.

EMARO Joint programme in Advanced Robotics

The EMARO (European Master on Advanced Robotics) programme welcomed its first students in 2008, under the Erasmus Mundus European Programme of Excellence label. The programme was extended in 2014 as the Erasmus+ (EMARO+) programme. As the European funding cycle of EMARO+ recently came to an end, three of the partner institutions decided to maintain this project and the community around it by concluding an EMARO+ Double Degree agreement.
Published on November 21, 2023 Updated on December 13, 2023