Management, Leadership, Communication

Head: Catherine Michel

This option does not aim to train project management specialists, but it will provide you with the methodological and behavioural framework to enable you to build your leadership skills and evolve towards a management position.


  • Understand management concepts and today's issues
  • Understand how organizations work and how they evolve
  • Understand the foundations of individual and group behaviour
  • Learn to communicate effectively both orally and in writing

Course Content

  • Management benchmarks and tools, business strategy, collective intelligence, design thinking, lean management
  • Risk management
  • Communication
  • Inter-culturality in management
  • Group work and behaviour
  • Decision process
  • Power, authority and leadership
  • Business law

Examples of past internships

  • Project management
  • Consulting Engineer
  • Implementation of quality procedures
Published on November 5, 2015 Updated on May 29, 2020