Manager, Leader, Communicator

Head: Catherine Michel


This option aims to train future engineers capable of managing projects whilst providing them with an excellent understanding of the macro-economic environment (social and macro-economic aspects within companies, legal issues, globalization etc) in which they will evolve.
The teaching staff include external professionals (legal experts, journalists, consultants, engineers, politicians).

Course Content

  • Manager:
The students will understand project management tools, with exposure to large-scale projects and will be introduced to the legal and contractual arrangements (procurement procedures) involved in project management. They will acquire a basic understanding of accounting concepts. Awareness of human resources and bodies such as trade unions, labour inspectorates, industrial tribunals is also developed.

  • Leader:
Upon completion of the course the students should be able to understand and support their colleagues, take on the societal responsibility of an engineer, be able to take account of intercultural issues linked to globalisation. In a crisis situation they should be capable of assessing the level of risk, drawing up and implementing an action plan and managing internal and external (media) communication.

  • Communicator:
The students will learn how to express themselves in public, with the aim of taking positions and debating a given topic.
Published on November 5, 2015 Updated on November 22, 2019