Excellent sports facilities at Centrale Nantes

2017 saw a real transformation of the campus sports facilities at Centrale Nantes - starting with the new artifical pitch. Squash courts and a dojo have also been completed.

Built by the Carquefou-based company ART DAN, this new ground raises the sporting standards of Centrale Nantes even higher. The pitch - Eurofield TT 375 mixed grass system (Eurofield ©) on a layer of Brock © F24 flexibility - meets all the requirements of the World Rugby International Federation. The synthetic grass is composed of two distinct fibres (MSD2 Diamond and TSXT) which stabilize the supports and reinforce the grass filling thus providing optimal playing comfort. The flexibility layer, already installed at numerous training centers and clubs (Cardiff, Saracens, ...), offers unrivalled qualities in terms of height of fall (HIC: 1, 9m) and energy restitution, just like a natural grass. The game system installed in the field will allow Centrale Nantes to meet the standards for the World Rugby re-homologation tests.

The aesthetics of the structure have not been neglected. The pitch entry and clearance areas have been designed in Centrale Nantes colours.

Finally, in keeping with its reputation, Centrale Nantes gives pride of place to technological innovation, since site maintenance will be carried out by a new generation Belgian robot: Astrobot. Meeting the standards FFF and IRB standards, it will facilitate the ground’s maintenance and thus its playability in the long term.
Published on March 27, 2017 Updated on July 30, 2019